Valkyrie Picture

I made a small modification to my technique. And I say "wow". I'm producing these a lot lately, aren't I? I also have a Master's Library entry for Valkyries that I thought up while drawing this. Valkyries are now officially part of Master's Realm's history (although it'll take a long time to see them in the comic, and not only because I procrastinate a lot). Keep in mind that Master's Realm's Valkyries are not those of the norse mythology. Rather, I've taken something old, combined it with what I had currently and ended up with something relatively new. Without further stalling, let's get to the Data Entry.

Valkyries are the elite guard of The Winged Ones. Their armor is light and open at the back, which is to allow the Valkyries to flight freely. They traditionally use a replica of the legendary Dream Lance while using a shield on their other hand. The shield itself is physically attached to their left hand bracer, which leaves their both hands open for wielding the lance. Their offensive strategy often involves divebombing and hit and run tactics. Because of their mobility, the Valkyries can cause huge destruction to groups caught unaware. By the time the enemy has their anti-air weaponry up, the Valkyries are long gone.

While the Valkyries' armor may seem lacking at certain parts, they make it up with training evasion. Only the best valkyries actually make it into battles. Their armor is designed to be both protective and beatiful and the Valkyries are often connected with good - very much like human paladins. During times of peace, the Valkyries are mostly assigned to guard duties in public places.

These days most of the Valkyries are female. Part of the Winged Ones' army was replaced by Valkyries once they found out women were lighter and much more agile in air than men. Male soldiers are also equipped with heavier armor.

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