MangaDCU: Supergirls Picture

left to right:
Top: Shitateru, Supergirl(Cir-El), Supergirl Steel, Supergirl Ultra, Interceptor
Bottom: Shitateru powered up, Supergirl(Cir-El) powered up, Supergirl Steel armored up, Supergirl Ultra disguised, Interceptor weapons array activated

Looking back at my Men of Steel pic, depicting images and origins for Superman, Superboy, Steel, and Guardian, I decided it was time to do one for the girls. Although currently only Kaori (Supergirl) and Galatea (Powergirl) fit the bill, I delved into my research to come up with a few others...!

Shitateru: (design based on animated version of Livewire mixed with Strange Visitor and Rose from Street Fighter)
Lightning elemental demigoddess

The mortal daughter of Okunninushi, the god of magic medicine and the unseen wed the immortal Wakahiko, emissary of the August Assemblage sent to locate those sent before him to secure the throne of the Central Reed Plain(Earth) for the descendant of Amaterasu. After forsaking his duty, another was sent to discover what had deterred Wakahiko's divine mission. When Wakahiko dispatched the messenger of the immortals with the mystic bow that was bestowed upon him, the arrow pierced the heavens, poised to strike out at one of the Tenzai Shoshin (Elder gods), who deflected it back at its sender...killing him. The incident caused Shitateru to revert to her suppressed immortal form, and she began to lay waste to the earth. The August Assemblage sent some of its mightiest warriors to subdue her, and she was ultimately sealed within one of Japan's mountains. Centuries later, Shitateru and two other demi-goddesses trapped similarly were released from their slumber by the eruption of the Three Holy Mountains of Japan: Mt. Fuji, Mt. Moyama, and Mt. Haku. Superman, who inadvertently caused the eruptions while preventing another crisis dealt with the raging immortals. Disoriented from her abrupt reawakening, Shitateru believed Superman to be her deceased husband, Wakahiko. He eventually convinced her of his pure nature and she stopped her rampage. She returned when the Man of Steel tournament resumed.

- After checking my notes, it appeared I had originally appropriated Kaminari to be Livewire and then forgot about it when I started to develop the Lightning and Thunder twins from Teen Titans. When Trying to find another storm goddess to represent Livewire, I found Shitateru. At the same time i was researching Strange Visitor (whose name I never really liked)and discovered that after she claimed Superman's Electro-suit (from his rebirth period) it later found itself in the possession of Livewire. I decided to merge the characters and as luck would have it my new mythological foundation character's name started with the same letter.
- Perry White will refer to Shitateru as a "Strange Visitor" during his commentary of her match.
- The lower image is obviously her powered up.
- She will have an outfit different from the one seen here when she initially reawakens. This outfit is a result of her interaction with Kento.
- The sealing technique used to confine her to Mt. Moyama has connections to another character.
- I actually adapted the original legend of Shitateru for her story, with some adjustments of course.
- The other two demi-goddesses will be familiar as well. Their stories will also be adapted from Japanese legend.
-Red-Rum 18 suggested the idea of having Livewire be trapped in a mountain demigoddess. I took it from there.

Supergirl: Cir-El (design based on Videl from Dragonball Z)
Kryptonian/Human hybrid, Solar charged super-strength and durability, flight and chi control. intergalactic martial arts and Chinese Wushu practitioner.

After years of not having the competition, former fight promoter and president of the fighting league that hosted the Man Of Steel Tournaments, Perry White decides to bring it back to celebrate and Honor former champion, Superman. During the Sign-In and preliminary rounds, they cross paths with a young girl who has entered the tournament. When she notices Superman, she rushes to embrace him and calls him, "Daddy"...! Taken aback, she begins to explain that she is from the future where Superman is dead and the world is being terrorized by super powerful androids and had to come back in time to prevent his death as well as their ascension. The group, (Steel, Superboy, Guardian, Supergirl) are all skeptical until they see her in her first match. After wiping the floor with an opponent she sees Lotus Ling and shouts out, "Mom!" Superman flies her away from the crowd and the group catches up. CirEl says she can prove who she is by holding her own against her "dad" in combat. They quiz her and ask to display her abilities, to which she admits that she does not possess heat vision. She gets a skeptical Superman to agree to a quick sparring match, where not only does she survive against the accomplished battler, but seems to gain more ground the longer the bout continues. They agree to have a DNA sample rushed to S.T.A.R.Labs while the competition continues. Just as Superman grows hopeful that she is telling the truth, which would mean that he and Lois end up together, she goes up against Metallo in her next match. After having publically declared herself the child of Superman, Metallo goes out of his way to try to take her out...permanently, as revenge on Superman for defeating him in the tournament in the past as well as thwarting his crimes. Superman and the others fear for her life when after delivering a brutal beatdown, Metallo exposes her to a massive dose of kryptonite radiation, only to find that it has no effect. CirEl gathers her remaining energy into her fist to hit Metallo with her most devastating attack, The Infinite Mass Punch, destroying his kryptonite heart and rendering him inert. When the other others ask where she learned such a powerful technique (capable of killing even Superman if it were at full strength), she tells Superman, "You taught it to me...!"

- I used DBZ's Videl's design for Cir-El's manga counterpart, but story wise, she resembles Trunks more.
- I gave her Lotus' hair and eye color so that her claims would be really hard to deny on top of her feats.
- CirEl's powers work a bit differently than the other Kryptonians, she does not have heat vision, but she can do other things...more to be revealed!
- She believes that by defeating Metallo, she has averted the events that lead to Superman's death...that is not the case.
- She will team up with Supergirl Steel and Traci-13 to mimic the comic book story they were in.

Supergirl Steel: Natacha Yasmine Irons (design based on Ame Comi version)
High tech, geo-thermal charged armor and plasma hammer

Natacha Irons was the niece of Jean-Henri Irons, and watched her uncle fall in battle to the Steel Lord in the Man of Steel Tournament. Not only was she distraught at the loss of her uncle, but she was devastated because she felt she was the reason why he was there in the first place. A natural prodigy, Natacha put all of her attention and faith in technology. When he noticed her distancing herself more and more from her humanity, her Uncle "John" tried to prove to her that the human body and spirit was capable of much more than she gave it credit for. When Irons was reborn as Steel, he kept his distance from his former life initially. When he decided to appear to his niece, all she could see was the alien that was responsible for the death of her uncle and the desecration of his remains. He tried to convince her it was him underneath, but was unable to get through to her. When the battle with the Kryptonians, Zod, Non, and Ursa was televised for the world to see, she watched as he heroically defended their planet from the alien invaders and used techniques unique to her uncle's fighting style. Just as she began to accept that Steel did in fact possess her uncle's spirit, she watched him sacrifice his life to save Superboy. Having lost the same uncle twice, she fell into a deep depression. Before leaving to join the "S" Fighters that travelled to locate the Steel Lord's temple and attempt to revive Steel, Superman saves Nat from a suicide attempt. He not only convinces her that her guilt is misplaced, but he also inspires her to take up her uncle's cause and charges her with keeping an eye on the city in his absence in whichever way she can. She builds a suit of prehensile armor based on Jean-Henri's designs and patrols the city as, Supergirl Steel.

-I chose to use the French version of Natasha Jasmine to mirror what I did with Jean-Henri(John Henry)
- I decided to merge Nat's comic Imperiex armor with the Ame comi version for her full armor version.
- Kaori and Nat don't get along great at first. She was originally going by Steel while the "S" Fighters were off world, and when they return to Earth the others suggest "Supergirl Steel" to avoid confusion with Jean-Henri and Kaori. They eventually square off in the Man of Steel Tournament and find a mutual respect which leads into a lasting friendship.
- Unlike the Kryptonians, who are solar batteries, Steel's armor draws its power from the Earth's geothermic energy signature. She does this through a process utilizing the plasma hammer she wields.
-Supergirl Steel's goggles replicate the average Kryptonian vision abilities, but obviously not as powerful. They also analyze data and asses threats.

Supergirl-Ultra: Ariella- (design based on Arale from Dr. Slump)
Kryptonian. Limitless solar charged super-strength and durability, flight and chi control.

As a result of the events that lead up to the Crisis, Ariella was the sole inhabitant of her world chosen to survive her reality's erasure. Ariella possesses vast powers for her young age. She has incredible superhuman strength and speed. She can fly, travel through time at will, move objects via telekinesis, and teleport anywhere she wishes. She is invulnerable, and ages at an extremely slow rate. She also has X-ray vision and heat vision. Due to her high level of power and young age, Ariella can be highly destructive, as she hasn't learned to hold back her abilities. The limiters that are inherent in most Kryptonians (usually unlocked through use of the techniques in the Book of Rao) do not exist in her. Upon appearing in the prime universe, Ariella was left alone to wander the universe. Possessing incredible powers at the very tender age of 6, Ariella began to play in space, unknowingly causing massive devastation. Her ability to time-travel carried her to the 853rd century, where she saved a planet from destruction by playing with the invaders (and accidentally destroying all of their ships and weapons). She became very attached to alien refugee, Dura, who had been fleeing from her, since she had nearly destroyed his planet. She called him "Grampa" (he called her "R'E'L, the Destroyer of Worlds"), and he was able to use her affection to exert some degree of control over her, and keep the universe safe. Eventually she returns to the current time period when she recovers her memories, searching for her parents.

- based her on dbz creator, Akira Toriyama's original manga, Dr. Slump character Aralae. The super powerful little innocent girl seemed to fit so well.
- Ariella gained the time travel and teleportational abilities after having been exposed to the portal that saved her life.
-She confuses her dad's "glasses as a disguise" routine and wears them(...and only them) in an attempt to hide her identity...hey, she's only six!
- I combined elements of Linda Danvers Supergirl suit in with hers with the t-shirt underneath the bodysuit.

Interceptor: (design combines Trinity version of Kara with Eradicator's Reign of Supermen design)
Ancient Kryptonian relic merged with Kaori's DNA to create living weapon; super-strength and durability, flight and energy manipulation

The Interceptor is one of three ancient Kryptonian technological relics brought to life by infusing it with Kryptonian DNA, allowing it to construct a humanoid body. The Interceptor's body is created from the genetic template of Supergirl, Kaori Zora-Ku. When H'el arrives on Earth, he immediately seeks out Kura-Ku. When he discovers that not only is he not willing to sacrifice his adopted home to resurrect his fallen one, but that he is harboring an abomination, the clone Superboy, he considers him lost to him. He then focuses his attention on Kaori, and convincing her to help grant him access to Superman's fortress. She agrees to help him, and while there, they locate the miniaturized City of Kandor. He transports her there, utilizing powers no other solar charged Kryptonian has ever displayed, while maintaining contact with her through an astral projection of himself. She recovers three items vital to his plan before he extracts her right as Superman arrives. As it turns out, the devices were originally an ancient Planetary Defense System. The three constructs would work in tandem to protect Krypton from outside intrusion with; The Interceptor: which would immobilize, detain, and assess foreign invaders. The Assimilator: Which would convert any alien technology into tech that could be integrated for the benefit of Krypton through whichever means best suited it. and The Eradicator: which would eliminate any remaining hostile that could not be neutralized by the other two. The devices are launched into orbit, when H'el reveals that his plan to revive Krypton requires the genocide of humanity, Kaori agrees to help Kura-Ku disable the devices. Unbeknownst to her, the device that she tried to disable copied her genetic code on contact before plummeting to the planet below. after burying itself under miles of earth, it placed itself in a birthing matrix to construct a humanoid body utilizing her DNA.

- Interceptor was introduced in the Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman series: Trinity as a version of Supergirl that was an agent of the U.S government.
- When I saw her visor, I made an instant connection to the goggles the Eradicator wore and decided to make her an android like him. once I had the two androids to mimic DBZ's #17 and #18, I decided to include a third to emulate #16.
- Once I decided to make them similar, I decided to give her the same type of Kryptonian weapons array that Eradicator's most recent costume has to show their relationship. I also gave her his version of the "S" shield.
- The third relic will end up as my version of the Cyborg Superman, Hank Henshaw.
- H'el will be my version of Match. He'll blame Superboy for the incompletion of his plan and agree to assist a team of Terror Titans just to punish him.
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