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Note: He's battling Spikera, who is hiding in the dust cloud.

Name: Ghoram (GOR-AM)
Height: 75 meters
Mass: 55,000 tons
Diet: Exact diet is uncertain, but teeth seem to indicate carnivore.
Habitat: Unknown.
Range: Undisclosed.

For thousands of years an ancient creature lay dormant beneath thousands of tons of rock in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The creature was the last of its kind; a type of carnivorous dinosaur known as Guillotinosaurus, named for its method of killing, which involves the use of its tail blade to decapitate its prey. In 1972, the creature was unearthed during an earthquake and discovered by a group of rock climbers that were in the area at the time. A group of researchers were called in to study the creature, but by the time they arrived, the creature had vanished.

It was later discovered that the creature was stolen by the Kaiju War Federation (KWF), an organization that forced Earth’s monsters into illegal underground fights. The creatures would fight to the death as spectators watched on, placing bets on their favorites. To make the fights more interesting, participants would be injected with large amounts of hormones in order to induce aggression in even the most docile creatures. The hormones had a particular effect on the Guillotinosaurus’ strength, raising it immensely.

The Guillotinosaurus was later named Ghoram, after the legendary sword in Norse mythology, Gram. Ghoram devastated his opponent in his first KWF match and remained undefeated up until the KWF was shut down by the FBI in 2008. Most of the remaining creatures were declared hostile and destroyed, but Ghoram was transferred to an undisclosed location in the United States. Due to his combative nature, he now acts as the US’s main weapon against mutant menaces or hostile extraterrestrials that threaten humanity.

Notable Traits:

- Horn Blade: A thin knife-like blade is located at the top of Ghoram’s head, which could be used as a weapon when the creature charges, similar to a Rhinoceros. This blade has also been known to release a crimson lightning bolt, but exactly how the creature does this is uncertain.

- Guillotine Blade: At the tip of its tail is a large blade shaped like an axe head, which can be swung with its massive tail to decapitate its prey. This unique trait is what gave the Guillotinosaurus its name.

- Organic Metal Skeleton: Being buried underneath rock for millions of years caused the Earth’s minerals to fuse with the bones of the ancient dinosaur, reinforcing them with a mixture of bone and metal. This made Ghoram’s blade much more sharp and deadly.

- Immense Strength: Even before the creature was induced with hormones, it displayed an immense amount of raw strength, able to lift objects well over five times his own mass.

Ghoram © KaijuKaizer
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