The Grudge Picture

I though I'd try my hand at an Inugami, since it has been far too long since I've drawn any mythological beast.

An inugami, according to Japanese folklore, is the vengeful spirit of a dog who's owner mistreated it during it's lifetime. After its death, it comes back to take bloody vengeance against those who abused it.

Other stories say that an inu-gami is intentionally created. This is usually done by tying a hungry dog down and place a bowl of food just out of its reach. As the dog strains towards the food, its head is then cut off and enshrined, which moves its ravenous needs into the spirit world and creates a horrible weapon for the dog's owner. Of course, those who would create an inu-gami often also become the victims of the animals they abused. In any case, the idea of an animal being able to come back as a vengeful ghost is an intriguing one...
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