Burning night Picture

My third year project : Totsuka.

The main hero is a nice boy, Shinji. He fell in love with a girl, Mitsuko. Unfortunally, Mitsuko has been captured by demons, because she had a piece of a sword the demon were looking for. Yokai (demons) can't access to the places the piexes of the sword are, so they "ask" Shinji to do it. If he does, they will free Mitsuko and they will have a peaceful live blah blah.
Shinji accepted, but he has a sort of transformation within him. Through the game, he will become a yokai himself, but only powers.
The pieces of the sword yokais are looking for is the sword of Totsuka, the only sword which can free Izanami, the wife of Izagagi. With it, she will repend on earth her anger toward Izanagi.

But Shinji can't choose his destiny : if he doesn't obey, Mitsuko dies...


An artwork for my game. Wanted to do Shinji with his mask. I like his mask, I find it funny. I call him "the burning chicken" even if he's a basan (roster).

Hope you like it !
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