Morrigan Aensland Picture… (Morrigan’s theme)

“Who wants to be my valentine this year?”

*entire audience raises their hands and cheers*

“Arouse me some more, won’t you? I want this to be a night I won’t forget!”

She is everyone’s favorite succubus in video games, one of Capcom’s most beautiful women, and the main reason the Darkstalkers franchise is remembered, as she is one of its main characters. Morrigan has guest starred in many crossover games Capcom has made, and even gets partnered with Chun-Li from Street Fighter (Team Fanservice apparently) in their latest crossover game Project X Zone.

She was originally created to be the cute female character of the Darkstalkers roster, but since she ended up becoming a succubus, Felecia (who I’m not drawing; I’m allergic to cats) became the cute one, while Morrigan became the sexy character. Fortunately, she isn’t portrayed as being evil. Her name comes from the Morrigan, of Irish/Celtic mythology, whose name means “great queen.” She’s also the goddess of fertility and war. Rather fitting for a succubus in a fighting game, wouldn’t you say?

She was born in Scotland in the year 1678 (and doesn’t look a day over 21), the same year that a succubus was believed to have been discovered. Already possessing great strength from birth, her adopted father sealed some of it away, keeping some for himself until his death, and sending the remains in a pocket dimension, which later formed her “sister” Lilith. She’s actually a princess, but she finds that lifestyle boring, so she visits our world for a good time. Want to guess what succubi consider a good time? Considering her victory quotes are loaded with double entendres…

She steals the souls of those she seduces while they sleep. Apparently, this is what she needs in order to survive, and she can’t go more than two days without seducing someone. I’m also wondering if her diet of souls is how she has the body of a supermodel, and doesn’t look the 336 of her age. No man could resist her long green hair, curves in all the right places, long legs, and killer smile. The fact that her outfit is made of bats that swarm her and magically transform into her clothes (and that they represent her many lovers), and that she wears nothing underneath doesn’t hurt either. You better believe she is a walking aphrodisiac. By the time she’s finished with you, you’ll go out with a smile. The last words you’ll hear will be her saying “I feel quite satisfied now. Thank you.”

Believe it or not, I’ve never played anything she’s appeared in. I’m not really a fighting game buff (unless it’s Smash Bros. On that note, it’d be nice if she were included in the roster). However, my friend

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