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Angels are divine beings who embody purity and holiness. Their job is to maintain the light throughout the cosmos and the tranquility amongst the various mortal races. They do so in order to keep the peace and stability of the universe. Due to often shared goals, angels are often in the service of an Æsar. They serve the Æsar as any devout follower would. However while they will do almost anything asked of them from their Æsar superiors, angels typically don’t do things that would that would against their moral ethics.

Also while their Æsar masters are generally viewed as gods by mortals, most angels don’t see Æsir as gods. They see them simply as immortals. The one true god that angels acknowledge generally is a divine being that they believe created everything, including the Æsir. While such a belief would normally be blasphemous to actual gods from a mortal’s perspective, this belief that angels have is generally tolerated by most Æsir. In fact, some Æsir share in the angelic belief as there are some things that even they just can’t do.

While angels can be found in many parts of the universe, where they actually come from is somewhat varied if not mysterious. For some angels, they come from certain realms which can be said to be comparable to absolute heaven. For others, they seem to originate from a place beyond normal mortal comprehension. There is also a belief that angels are the reincarnated forms of mortals with exceptionally pure souls. While this is true for some angels, others appear to be way beyond than simply being reincarnated souls.

Angels come in many forms and shapes. Some are tranquil beings whose very visages soothe the very soul of any who look upon them. Others however have forms that are often confused as demonic to certain mortal cultures and eyes. For this, angels generally introduce themselves to mortals by proclaiming to not fear them whenever they make their presence known. While this gesture doesn’t work in some cases, it is something that angels are obliged to do as it is a sign of courtesy towards mortals and a reassurance that they mean no harm.

Angels are classified into three groups. These groups called “spheres” can indicate how powerful an angel, what their duty is, and even their very being. Identifying what sphere an angel belongs to can easily be done by looking at their halo. The more intricate their halo is, the higher the sphere they belong to. While angels typically stay within the confines of the sphere they belong to, some individuals are sometimes promoted to a higher sphere due to what they’ve done. When this happens, either their halos simply change form, or they ascend and become a totally different type of angel.

Third Sphere: Angels of this sphere are of the lowest rank. They are typically either messengers that spread words of purity, or warriors that defend the light. Angels of this sphere are sometimes those that were reincarnated from mortal souls. Indeed many angels of this sphere display very mortal-like traits. Some are more beast-like in nature but are nonetheless angels. A good number of angels of this sphere are capable of and are allowed procreation even with regular mortals. A number of them are also capable of dying. Though they are of divine nature and thus immune to normal causes of death such as old age and sickness, a deep enough wound can kill an angel of this sphere with this particular trait.

Second Sphere: Angels of this sphere are of the middle rank. They are typically either leaders that govern those of the third sphere, or diplomats that negotiate with higher powers such as Æsir. Many angels of this sphere possess powers not found in those of the third sphere. They are also usually more enlightened. Like those of the third sphere, a number of angels of this sphere are capable of procreation, however it is forbidden to do so with mortals. This is more than just a simple taboo. Offspring between second sphere angels and mortals are highly susceptible of being corrupted by darker forces, either intentionally or not. Angels of the second sphere are generally immortal and only a few are susceptible to death from attacks that are way beyond mortal limits, such as being bombarded with 500,000 nukes.

First Sphere: Angels of this sphere are of the highest rank. They typically guide the angels of the lower spheres and make sure they stay on the righteous path. Many angels of this sphere are usually those that weren’t originally mortals reincarnated. Angels of this sphere are also very powerful and are completely immortal. Some can even rival an Æsar if not surpass one completely. They are however forbidden to act like gods in which they demand worship and such. Mortals unintentionally worshiping them due to ignorance or a misunderstanding is allowed though to an extent, just as long as they don’t exploit it for selfish means. Angels of this sphere are all fully capable of procreation. However it is completely forbidden for them to engage in any form of carnal activity with mortals, angels of lower spheres, and, for a majority of first sphere angels, even amongst themselves. This is because the offspring of first sphere angels tend to be demons. Why this is so is somewhat a mystery, however the widely accepted explanation is that the very act of sex goes against the very nature of what a first sphere angel is supposed to be, a responsible adult who guides those younger than them. In simple mortal terms, sex for a first sphere angel is comparable to how wrong it is for a full grown adult to rape a child.

In terms of organization and such, angels typically belong to one group. Regardless of which sphere they belong to, what form they appear in, or even which Æsar they serve, angels count each other as belonging to the same organization. It’s kind of like how one branch of religion is still part of the religion regardless of its members or their culture. They are however some rare angels that are not allied with the rest. These angels, easily identifiable by the different color and shape their halos are compared to their brethren, are those who have different goals and ethics than what angels are normally supposed to have. These differences while they can be subtle are often in direct conflict of what angels are supposed to be. As a consequence, many of these angels are branded heretics and for some much worse. Though these heretics have different values than their brethren, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re all evil. Some heretics are even welcomed amongst their brethren. It’s just that they do things differently.

Incidentally, due to the sway that angels have on most races, there are some, even entire races, that try to emulate the common physical characteristics that angels have. This is because the angel motif generally has a profound impact on most individuals. While angels usually don’t mind most “false angels” adorning fake halos and such, it however can be a matter of concern on the way some false angels present themselves with such vestments. There have been many charlatans in the past who proclaimed themselves as angels to selfishly get away with what they want. Though this in itself is cause enough for concern, the situation however can be direr as it is not only mere mortals who try to emulate the image. As unbelievable as it may sound, there have been demons who have tried imitating the angelic look. They either do so as a form of mockery against the angels or use the image for much more sinister purposes. Thus due to the unfortunate implications “false angels” can have, angels often keep a close watch on any who would use their image other than aesthetic purposes.


*Piece took 2 or so months but worth it.
*The hierarchy, as well as other stuff, is based on medieval Christian mythology which involves angelic spheres and such. [link]
*Many angels here are medieval Christian angels, some from other religions, and few are original.
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