My Little Harmonies: Lenormand is Magic Picture

This is my reading board for working with the MLP Playing Cards designed by Chromadancer and zizh0u. I had to change the keywords and design new meanings for the MLP cards, the original Lenormand cards didn't precisely mesh. Still, I think I kept it pretty close to the first tradition.

An interesting note- with both Chroma and zizh0u's work printed into one deck, you have 36 face cards (including the jokers and the aces), and 72 pips, for a total of 108 cards. Being a huge fan of Eastern mythology and Chinese fiction, I immediately noticed the similarities behind the story of Nightmare Moon and the legend behind the novel "The Water Margin," wherein 72 earthly fiends and 36 heavenly spirits were sealed in the stars for 1000 years by the Heaven Emperor, and were liberated unintentionally, finding themselves born by accident in human bodies after having repented of their crimes.

The 108 Stars of Destiny, as they were called, became sort of an army of heroes who set about righting wrongs in penance for their previous wrongdoing. In modern day, we know that story through the saga of Suikoden, a popular roleplaying video game by Konami. One of my favorites, as you can probably see.

I'm basing the core of my reading practice with the pony cards on an adaptation of that idea, only ponyfied.

I wrote a booklet on how to read the cards, but I don't know how to get pdfs on here, so if you want to read it, contact me privately. The pdf is free, since I can't really publish it with the copyrights and such in place, to my knowledge.
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