Digimon: Digital Core OCT - Round 3-54: Epilogue Picture

Back with our villains, Urormon is an Angry Bird because her pretty program malfunctioned badly, and Veroanmon has a not-entirely-unexpected? visitor....

And that's the end of this round, folks! It was ridiculous. You will not be seeing such pretties from me next round, oh no. But it was a lot of (stressful) fun, and I got the chance to do my favorite thing, i.e. include a lot of symbolism in the end. For example: creepy view-obscuring storm, big stone temple and a whole lot of symbolism set in stone? This must be my parallel to the Myotismon arc!

In Norse mythology, Fenrir was the son of Loki. It was foretold by the prophets of the gods that he would slay Odin during the events of Ragnarok, and so the gods bound him, as they had bound his father. This was my inspiration for his chain and attack.

I did not want the character of Fenrismon to be a one-dimensional villain, even though he’s defeated in the end and even though he spouts a lot of savage, stock villain phrases. While I did want him to do this, to reflect the character of Digimon, most of the nuance I put into this character comes from his backstory, body language and the way he behaves. Simply put, as per Norse myth, Fenrismon fears being bound—by prophecy and by physical chains, as his father is. Ironically, he uses that threat—the chains that wrap around his body—to subdue others, as he ensnares Taz in his chains and drags him to the ground.

I designed Fenrismon to present a direct foil for Taz. The two are a deliberate contrast. While Fenrismon fears being bound, Taz wants to be bound—to Rei. In fact, he’s upset that he might not have the opportunity to be tied to another person, and fears he will simply be discarded. He doesn’t want to be free, but ironically, he is the one capable of flight, and in the form of Vjetarmon, his element is wind—often thought of as the freest of all the elements. He fights (sort of) with speed, using a large range of movement. In contrast, Fenrismon represents the element of earth. He uses his iron chains to fight, and this allows him to direct ranged attacks, but significantly, his body rarely moves at all. He stays planted in one place to fight, demonstrating that he has the mentality of someone who has been bound even though he could have a full range of motion. He tries to subdue others, pinning Taz to the ground, and later, he is himself buried in rock, while Vjetarmon escapes to the skies. This contrast demanded that Vjetarmon be the one to take out Fenrismon, even though he does not like fighting—though not of course in such a way that his attack does it, but in such a way that Fenrismon’s own element—his chains which have scored the stone enough to cause it to fall on everyone. Vjetarmon uses the wind to redirect Fenrismon’s attacks and turn them against him so that his own element destroys him (also the essence of Air fighting in Avatar, I think, although I’ve never watched the show).

Kheprimon represents a middle ground between Taz and Fenrismon. He does not wish to be bound to a partner, but he also doesn’t wish to be as free as Fenrismon. Khepri personifies the rising sun in Egyptian mythology, as it climbs over the horizon, breaking the barrier between earth and air. I wanted to find a way to highlight the contrast between Vjetarmon and Kheprimon, so at the climax of the battle, they each play to their differing strengths to win—Vjetarmon utilizes his speed and agility to evade, and Kheprimon makes use of his tanklike defenses to protect the girls, allowing rocks to fall and break over his back. He emerges from these rocks after the battle, like the rising sun; meanwhile, in contrast, Taz falls down from the sky, his energy used up.

This round, C.T. and co. learn that things aren't always "how they're supposed to look." C.T. is initially skeptical of Rei's wonky DigiEgg of Friendship, but it works fine. This round marks the turning point at which C.T. finally learns that following rules she knows isn't necessarily the best thing to do. It marks a shift from a reliance on external to a reliance on internal, self-knowledge, which is ultimately the kind of knowledge she needs.

But will it be enough to keep Candlemon there to protect her?


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