Asmir, Guardians of the Forest Picture

The overall idea behind the final painting is to bring the viewer into the environment of a mythical Japanese forest being protected by guardians. These guardians are dubbed the Asmir, which means protector or guardian in the Arabian language. In this painting, there is a frontal creature that brings about a very intimidating presence, up front and directly looking at the viewer, knowing that man is a threat to the tranquillity of the forest in which they protect. The other major Asmir that represents the message of being a protector, is the one in the midground on the right. It can be observed that the Asmir has caught the interest of a canine species and is almost in an embrace with the canine.
There are a few shrines laid out in the forest that people place there to pay their respects to the Asmir. This was common practise in Japan when it was in the early stages of development. In the shrines, there are bowls that hold the eggs of the Asmir. This is a display of mutual respect between the spirits and man.

Acrylic on Canvas (85cm x 100cm)
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