the cretan bull Picture

24/30 spamspamspam omg I don't even think bulls can turn their heads like that...

Yes, this is the bull that Pasiphae screwed to make the Minotaur. CONVENIENTLY PLACED GRASS. Anyway, the Cretan bull was a gift from Poseidon and was supposedly the most gorgeous bull EVAR. But Pasiphae (Minos' wife) was cursed and became constantly horny for the bull nopunintended. And well, if you've kept up with these Greek pics of mine you would know that Pasiphae totally DID the bull. But there's another, less disgusting, story. Involving HERACLES. AGAIN. HE'S SO TOTALLY POPULAAAAR.

If you guessed Twelve Labors.. URRITELOL cause he did capture the Cretan bull for another one of his tasks. He lasso'd it and rode it back to Eurystheus. I wish I could have seen the look on Eurystheus' face when Heracles brought him all these beasts.. that were supposed to KILL him. XD Talk about owned.

Don't talk to me about anatomy problems I DID THIS in like 10 minutes :'[[[[[[[[[ wrinklies.

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