Mnemosyne Picture

One of my RoTG RP characters is a reborn as one of the nine muses of Greek mythology. I looked into some things, before I decided on this, and found out that she has a 'mother' in the form of the Goddess Mnemosyne.

I have a personal headcanon, that while Tooth takes care of the good memories of children, Mnemosyne takes care of the memories of everyone, good and bad, young and old, human or spirit.

While the mythology states that Zeus and Mnemosyne had the Nine muses together, my headcanon is that Mnemosyne found all the Muses when they were very young spirits, and adopted them. All the stories of how they came to be, was something that humans came up with much later.

The tiny pegasus is based on the mythology of how Pegasus had a way of creating springs if he stepped in certain places, such as Mount Helicon where the Muses live. (in my headcanon the Muses all live in their own private places, while Helicon is where Mnemosyne has her memory archive). In my headcanon, she has several tiny pegasi, who help her make records of whatever is going on for every person in the world. Whatever they write down, is then transferred to a magic sphere, which Mnemosyne can use as either a sort of scrying orb, or if used in a specific way, a potion that she calls “Memory essence.” This essence can be used to either help someone remember things, or give them amnesia.

As the Mother of Memory, Mnemosyne is one of the greater spirits, who has kept an eye on Ebony and similar spirits who have special amnesia. In Ebony’s case, her amnesia was done by a force called “The Powers that Be” when she was reborn as a Muse. She still had all her memories, but they had to be returned to her slowly, or there was a risk that she would have gone insane with grief over the loss of her husband, child and home.

Spirits and humans can go visit Mnemosyne, and ask for help when it comes to memories, be it for themselves or for someone else. In a trilogy series I wrote called “Memory Mishap”, Ebony’s AU Husband Fordervelsewanted to know more about his wife, but through a mix-up he got the memories of Kozmotis Pitchiner aka Pitch Black instead.

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