MH: Robby Goodfellow -pic- Picture

Yay an instyled, CG illustration of my latest manster Robby Goodfellow, the son of the infamous Robin Goodfellow, also known as Puck.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream has always been my favorite play; I’ve seen it performed in both English and German; in the National Theater in Weimar, and in the Shakespeare Theater in D.C. . I’ve watched almost all of the film adaptations, and I even own the ’99 version. I’ve even performed some of it, willingly, for school purposes.

I have always loved Puck (Oberon and Titania coming in second of my list of fav players in the play), and on several occasions I’ve tried creating my own Puck character, but usually that goes nowhere. Except here; MHdom was a place where that could work! The only downside was, that I already had a lot of OCs and I was attempting not to make more of them
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