Fire Stag of Yggdrasil Picture

One of the four immortal stags that patrol at the base of Yggdrasil, the Universe Tree. Blaze here is the fire stag of the North. He and his siblings protect the tree from the prisoner trapped within its roots.

Pony Legend of Yggdrasil
Far away beyond the border, there grows a tree that keeps the land in order.
Within the center lies a door, for travel to worlds unexplored.
Deep down its roots will grow, to keep prisoner the beast below.
It gnaws and bites below its base, while four antlered guards keep it in its place.
North West South and East, they keep the serpent from being released.
A great bird with sightless eyes, sits atop to patrol the skies.
It's ebony seekers fly across the land, to set in motion their masters plan.
If the beast were ever to be free, nine worlds will fall with the tree.
To keep the them all from being scarred, the seekers will find heros in Midgard.
The devourer will leave despair in its trail, if the chosen ones should ever fail.

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