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----------Artist's Commentary----------

It was a big change going from narrative to action and dialouge. But I'm loving this page (especially the fourth panel with the feet! I hit the perspective perfectly! Go me!) .

I argued with myself whether I should put in sound effects digitally or not. And down the road there may be some I do (I don't wanna copy sound effects like you seen in translated manga.. they're so corny..) , because I am in NO WAY good at typefacing. I don't even have good handwriting.

But, nevertheless... everytime I do the sketchy-plan-outs for my comics, I kinda like the stark, squiggly, pitch-black sound effects I do. I'd only use them on the "small" sound effects mind you, but I think there's something charming, and most of all unobstrusive about them.

---------------Technical Info------------

Ink on Bristol Board

Panel 1-- Allll the toneage is digital. All of it. I'm really getting used to doing it that way (even though I got a new exacto) frankly, its faster. And even though I'm a raging purist, if I wanna learn to do manga professionally, I may have to rely on it.

Panel 2-- All digital tones.

Panel 3-- Digital Tones, but the stippling on the cigarette, and the stippling and hatching on the telephone pole is ink.

Panel 4-- Tone on the boots is digital. The stippling on the shoelaces (if you can see it) is ink. I likes stippling!

Panel 5-- AhHA! The speedline background tone is a REAL tone, placed in there and cut by me! The tone on the wristbands is digital. The tone on the chain is digital but the stippling is ink.

Panel 6-- The tone in the background, on the chain, and on the cigarette is digital. The stippling on the cigarette is all me, baby!
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