Paint The Town Red Picture

#145 from my collection / created 20th of June 1996. 01mm felt tip pen and Derwent pencils on A4 paper.

An ambitious 2 point perspective drawing of a alien nightclub strip at night. Took at least 4-6 weeks of pre-planning and background sketches. Of particular note is the multiple light sourcing and the semi transparent column of steam erupting from the sewer vent from the right and the detail put into the various textures like clothing, hair, synthetic surfaces etc. Overall, the subtle shading used to render this image proved problematic as it had the nasty side effect of degrading the paper underneath from multiple passovers of the pencil. I know it's a little too cluttered / busy to really be effective, but I rather like the tense dynamic it created. Aliens / characters from my own mythology: inspired from George Lucas, Jim Henson and quite possibly Walt Disney on acid. Architecture and technology also inspired by Back To The Future II.

The message here? Not an awful lot really. Guess it was a "character piece". I wanted to portray a volatile anger in the central character and the expressions of other characters in this street either reacting, or completely oblivious to what's about to happen. Somewhat inspired by Synagogue Place off Rundle Street in the City.
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