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Exploring the different types of werewolf breeds that I’ve gathered from mythology, movies, television, and of course, my own sick and twisted imagination. For each country that I’ve done research on relating to the entire lycan myth, a breed has been specified by myself. The looks and temperaments of each werewolf breed differ, though some from the same continent are more closely related than others.

This bastard is a male American werewolf, around thirty-five years of age. Odd that I chose the sippo breed first, seeing as I’m not overly fond of it and rather had difficulty designing him.

American Werewolves

American werewolves are quick, low-enduring beasts that have the ability to change at will only at night, though with no choice during a full moon.

During the day, they are often normal people with an extreme sexual allure, and tend to be a bit cocky and arrogant, as well as vain. As a human, the werewolf exhibits some heightened senses; scent, audio, and visibility during the night. The human is often obsessive and very possessive, a trait akin to animal territorialism.

They have foul tempers but like to toy with their prey, often frenzying themselves into a fierce rage. They often walk upon two digitigrade hind legs, though may also walk on two digitigrade hind legs and two plantigrade front limbs. Their front paws are very much like hands, as are their hind paws are to feet.

In order to infect a victim and turn them into a werewolf, the lycan must bite or scratch a victim and pass along their infected fluid. Semen or vaginal fluids passed along will not infect a human or animal, merely make them sick.

When transforming, the American Werewolf sheds all body hair; scalp hair, pubic hair, eyebrows, etcetera, and re-grows a thicker, albeit thin animal wise, fur coat that is slightly wiry, and coarse looking. The teeth of the American Werewolf do not curve at all save for the upper and lower canines, and are straight with needle-point tips. The ears are pointed and overly long, and a thick, bushy tail is growl.

To kill an American Werewolf, one must cut the tail of the beast off and force the animal to consume it. They are allergic to silver, and can not tread in the shadow of holy places. Seperating the mind (brain) from the heart will also kill the lycan.

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Image © Laura Sim aka foxpen
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