Lynette Application Picture

Name: Lynette Rose Ambrose

Age: 17

Year: 2nd

Birthday: November 11

Faction: Norse

Deity: Hel, Goddess of the Dead

Likes: [Action] (Fights, Bravery, Defending Others) [Trying New Things] [Feeling Comfortable] [Patient People] [Cell Phones] [Cats]

Dislikes: [Ignorant people] [Cowards] [Gossip] [Being Interrupted] [Being Forced Into Things] [Wearing Dresses/Skirts]

Personality: [Time Bomb] [Moody] [Insecure] [Direct] [Bipolar] [Patient-ish] (She tries)
Lynette is not shy and never will be. She may be insecure about things but she doesn't care what people think. She find it less stressful to just tell people things to their face. If she hears a rumor she addresses the person it's about instead of spreading. She isn't afraid to ask or answer personal questions. Though, she can only handle so much at once if there enough people bothering her to do things or hang out she will explode and have an episode. She's sent way to many people to the hospital. Also, her bipolarity can change and last for days or minutes, she never knows.

Family: Kalianna - Mother
Walden - Father
Syl - Sister (20 years old)

History: When Lynette was young she had trouble making friends and had a lot of random outbursts of violence and anger. She would be smiling and laughing one moment and throw a desk across the room the next. She always got in a lot of trouble and never knew why until she was taken to a psychologist who diagnosed her as severely bipolar. They put her on medication and that worked for a little while but it eventually made her sick and she had to stop taking it. So she visits a psychologist regularly to keep her episodes to a minimum. When she found out she was going to be the Heir to the Goddess Hel it made sense to her. Since Hel is half dead and half alive she felt like it fit her to be this way.


Elective classes:

Computer Technology

Extracurricular activities*:

Boxing Club


I wanted to make Lynette because I really love the Mythology of all the different religions and places of the world and I think this group is a really cool idea. It took longer than I wanted but she's all done. I really hope she gets accepted.

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