Medea Mercy Picture

Medea Mercy, named after one of Greek's most powerful magician. [link]


Name: Medea Mercy
Age: As old as the founders of Equestria. (stop aging at 14)
Legacy representation: Medea, Greek mythology.
Talent: Specialized at making potions any unicorn cannot, using spells more powerful than Starswirl the Bearded.
Spells: Charmspeak, Mystiokinesis, Amokinesis and Foresight.
Cutie mark: a 'Fleur Di Lis' flower with black striped on it.
Family: Circe Cycle (aunt) , Pasiphae Pain (sister) , Hecate Health (mother), Calypso Cut (sister) and Helios Hate (father).
Race: Unicorn


A mere, powerful magician, Medea, who was originally a statue, transformed into a powerful (perhaps the most) unicorn undercover of a gothic/punk body. Recovered most of her family, She, Calypso,Pasiphae and Circe creates massive destruction at southern Equestria, making it's half of Equestria's population called the place, 'Medea's Merciful Lair', 'Magicians' Death Holes', 'Medea's Chaos Curse' and many more. But commonly called by Twilight 'Coreece (Colt+Greece)'. Travelled to Ponyville to battle Princess Twilight at first, and won. Also called 'Bitch of Equestria' by Tirek, 'Medea the Magician' by Luna, 'Medea's Eye (cause she represent Medea, 'kay?)' by Cadence and 'Medea, Caster of Spell' by Celestia.

Base by Twiily-Bases
Character by me.
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