Wendigo behavior sketches Picture

A bunch of quick no-reference sketches to get some ideas out of my head. Uninvited Guest, part I Wendigo came across the first evidence of one of his own kind he had seen for a long time while following a path in the woods. It wasn't much of a path, just a pair of grooves left in the snow by some kind of machine, but as an unmistakable sign of recent human activity he was not surprised to find the Other's tracks. The scent told him the Other possessed a male human's body, but it was unfamiliar. He would not be able to tell who the Other was without a closer connection.

He followed the tracks until they intersected with a second pair. They were large and belonged to a human who must have been enjoying a day of snowshoeing. The outing w

My version of the wendigo is much more social than most mythological versions, which are usually said to eat each other on sight.
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