Homestuck - Hijra Ahemait 02 Picture

"Your name is HIJRA AHEMAIT.

You enjoy watching DISTURBING GROTESQUE MOVIES when you're not busy STALKING your SO-CALLED FRIENDS (because they probably don't like you anyway, you just CREEP THEM OUT).
Your room is EMPTY AND DARK, a place that is clearly perfect to have FAAAAABULOUS PARTIES WITH THE FRIENDS YOU OBVIOUSLY DON'T HAVE.

You're interested in TROLLDROGINY and BODY HORROR. You've got a LAZY EYE and keep a PERMANENT SMILE EVERYTIME. Other Trolls never know if you're happy, angry or just terribly sad, because you keep that DISTURBING SMILE on your face. You enjoy BLACK LEATHER CLOTHES, they makes you feel PRETTY, while other just think you look like SLUTTY Mc.SKANKPANTS.

Your trolltag is satyriasisticEusuchia and you tend to sssspeaaaak... reaaaally... sssslooooowlyyyyy..."

Hijra is the name given in India for very effaminate men or transsexuals.
Ahemait is one of the names of Am-mut, the female crocodile-hippo demon that swallowed the souls of the impures in Egyptian mythology (she was standing with anubis, waiting for the judgment of the deads). That's why Hijra's Lusus is a fat crocodile (it's a female).
The symbol on his chest is an Ankh, the symbol of life in Ancient Egypt.
Eusuchia is the name of a scientific classification for crocodilians (gavials, crocodiles...).

I imagined that fantroll in 2010 => [link]
I wanted to draw him again. :I I've changed a few things, like his blood colour and stuff.
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