I Gave Blood Today Picture

I've taken a while to upload this painting because as you can see, I've had trouble with glazes and different rates of drying of the oil paint which has given an unsettling sheen contrast. I'll give it a coat of damar varnish when it's totally dry but until then you get this nice blurry image.

There is a fair bit of mythology behind this painting. There are three main stories involved; first the obvious reference to Alice lost in Wonderland. Secondly to the tale 'The Handless Maiden' where a young girl, cast aside by the devil after her father chopped her hands making her forever clean, is stumbling through the forest of the underworld trying to find her new path of life. This is why her hands have been 'cut' off in a painterly manner and there is no bloody gore present but rather an obscure act committed by the painter herself (me). Thirdly there is a personal reference to giving blood, (her badge says "Be nice to me I gave blood today', typical of the stickers you are given after donating blood which is done for free here in Australia), and also chopping off one's hands in an act of ridding oneself of conscious anchors and being able to re-discover oneself through a coming-of-age journey.

The forest is a haunting place of the hidden mind, a place of retreat, meditation, and renewal. The arum lillies also represent the underworld and renewal (death, rebirth).

Apologies again for the bad copy of this painting, maybe one day I will get a better photograph. This is "life size" I don't remember the actual measurements, about 1 metre by 1.5 metres or so.

Acrylic, oil, red tree sap resin on canvas.
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