Loreley Picture

(Back with an older image, this one was originally posted May, 01, 2006 !)


There is a very old german myth about a friendly River nymph called Loreley, who used to live at a very magical place at the river Rhine. She was known to help the fishermen to find the richest fishing grounds and was very liked. However the christians changed the legend and from that time on the good Lady of the River became a demon, feared by sailors. It was said that Loreley would reside on a cliff singing. Listening to her voice and looking at her beauty would cause the sailors to loose their concentration, navigate their ships into one of the cliffs, sink and many sailors would find a wet grave. Funny thing is, that only a monk was able to cure the nymphs curse (!). Well, in order to establish this, she had to die, of course! Poor Loreley, what have you done, except for being a famous and much liked magical and helpful person?
Some time after all this happened, a monastery was build in the exact spot of the old magical place......

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