VA-DS Member: Tugarin Picture

Tugarin is veteran of the Great Patriotic War, a fighter pilot ace hailing from the Kirov Oblast of partly Tatar ancestry. He served with remarkable distinction during the conflict, and after the war earned numerous awards for his acts of daring and bravery. While he continued to remain in active service afterwards, the lack of action made him feel restless and useless. Tugarin was increasingly anxious for something to happen. In a conversation with a fellow comrade he discovered Khrushchev's Project Zashchitnik, an operation intended to create the USSR's very own group of national heroes in direct response to America's own band of individuals. Seeing this as the opportunity he had been looking for, he volunteered and passed with flying colors. The war veteran was placed inside an experimental machine, which conferred upon him his abilities. He hasn't looked back ever since.

Tugarin has the ability to emit superheated, ionized plasma from his body. He can control and shape these fiery energies through subtle magnetic manipulations, allowing him to, among other things, fly. Tugarin's outfit is specifically designed to withstand the immense temperatures his body generates; naturally, he is immune to extremes of heat, as well as electricity and radiation.

While Velikisyn has a few ranged attacks of his own, Tugarin's sheer variety of attacks means he owns the role of resident 'blaster.' He's the DS's air superiority member, and when backed up by Stalkhozyain's drones he commands the skies. If you're earthbound, expect to get firebombed with constant regularity. Also, Tugarin's various immunities allow him to enter otherwise inhospitable environments, so he often gets recon duty if Stalkhozyain doesn't have an expendable drone available. But when he isn't in combat, containing a fire or cleaning up nuclear waste, you can find him drinking and celebrating jovially in a small bar. Tugarin can't go a day without drinking at least one bottle of vodka, and he has a very hearty disposition. He's not comic relief, but his good-natured attitude and way of remaining pleasant can alleviate tension during particularly trying moments, so for that alone he is valued more than for his combat prowess.

Author's note: Tugarin derives his name from the mythological shapeshifting dragon/fire elemental of Russian folklore slain by the bogatyr Alyosha.

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