The Founding of Sumio Dynasty Picture

The Founding of Sumio Dynasty

Tien-Yo-Reng-Shung Eight Year (天佑仁順八年, 1810),
HM Sü Xi, the last Coldland Emperor of the Sü Dynasty,
impart the national Seal to the new Ruler.
The New Emperor, Edward the Great of Sumio Dynasty.

Ok, this drawing take me about 4 days,
use colored pen and colored pencel,

many friend ask me whet is "Coldland",
Coldland is a fantasy Place,
I create this place cause Chinese mythology,
the legend of Penglai Island.

the island along with four other islands where the immortals lived,
called Fāngzhàng (方丈), Yíngzhōu (瀛州), Dàiyú (岱輿), and Yuánjiāo (員嬌).

Historically, Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China,
in search of the elixir of life,
made several attempts to find the island where the Place is located, to no avail.
Legends tell that Xü Fu, one servant sent to find the island, and live in there.

The Yíngzhōu Island (Near Penglai Island) is Coldland,
the Chinese immigrant arrived the island in AD 497,
they call the new land "Da-Han-Xin-Zo" (大漢新洲)
(The New Land of Han)
but their future generations incorrectly relay an erroneous name, call "Da-Han-Zo" (大寒洲)
(The Land of Cold)

Coldland also have many different race immigrant,
Like British, French, Viking...
The first Dynasty of Coldland founding in AD 997,
the last Dynasty of Coldland is Sumio Dynasty (1810-1900).

1900, the Last Emperor of Sumio Dynasty surrender the Royalty,
The Coldland become a "Province",
the Ruler of the "Province" is call "Da-Zo-Zu-Bi-Shia"
(大洲主陛下, the great Governor)
the Throne and title can't Hereditary.
Polity like Constitutional monarchy.
but their still have some royal court from past Dynasty.

Coldland Province s a country, not a Province of any Nation,

era name* of the place of this year is "Chongtai First year" (崇泰元年, 2013)
*What is era name?…
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