Disney's Grecian Resort and Water Park Picture

So... I had this cool idea for another resort on Seven Seas Lagoon at WDW.

Disney's Grecian Hotel would be a Deluxe Resort.(Hotel on Left side of image, with all the blue circled white dots.) The hotel would focus heavily on Greece and greek architecture. The Lobby would have a museum like feel, but with a large fountain and a huge chandelier in the middle of it. It's hotel rooms (The white, blue circled dots) would be built on the Resort's Man-made volcano (Think 2x the size of the one at Tokyo DisneySea) and would resemble buildings in Santorini, Greece. (Check it Out! [link] )

You would have 4 choices for rooms, Standard, Water Park View (Far right Side of the dots), Theme Park View (Closest to the Lobby) and Garden (Farthest Left rooms).

The Gardens would have greek statues, fountains, and spectacular well... garden grounds... In the middle of the garden ground will be a playground for kids labeled "Phil's Training Area" and Based off of the trainer from Disney's Hercules. There would also be a Hercules area kids club (Like the Neverland Club at the Poly, but Hercules centered) in the Lobby/Main building area. There's also room for a Percy Jackson tour or Club of some sort at this resort.

Pool would be basic. Square pool with a ancient greek "ruins" feel. Ex. Ancient Pilars in the pool. Also a hot tub and a beach.

The beach would have Volleyball, hammocks and a boat transportation system to the Magic Kingdom and Transportation and Ticket Center (For guests looking at entering the waterpark). When traveling, You can see a Poseidon Statue sticking out of the water.

It wouldn't have a monorail stop, but it would have access to seeing Wishes, the Electric Water Pagent, and for the first time on Seven Seas Lagoon, the resort has it's own Waterpark.

It would be enclosed from the lake... No lake water whatsoever would be at the waterpark. It would be enclosed. Making it hopefully more successful then River Country was.

The Waterpark would have an Ancient Greek Section and the farther you went back, the more mythology centered it goes.

The ancient greek area would have a lazy river surrounding it, also going into the mountains. the Hanging Gardens of Babylon section would be a bigger, more extreme waterslide area. There would be more smaller slides throughout the ancient greek section scatted. Posidon's Lagoon would be a snorkling section with fish. The main draw to the waterpark will be 3 attractions: Hephaestus's Wrath, The Journey to Mount Olympus, and Helios's Warriors(working name)

Hephaestus's Wrath would take you into the center of the volcano. It would be a pleasant raft ride until Hephaestus, the volcano god, tries to explode the volcano, and every one in it... This race against time ride will be a must for everyone visiting WDW.

The Journey to Mount Olympus and Helios's Warriors would take place in an area called Archimedes cove.

The story behind Journey to Mount Olympus is that an aspiring inventor has created a way to travel upstream, to the top of Mount Olympus, where the Greek Gods live and You have volunteered to go up to find Olympus. The ride is great until you reach the top, of a mountain, where Zeus strikes your technology with lightning sending you back down. The technology would be omnimover like moving up, and raft ride all the way down.

Helios's Warriors would be a buzz lightyear astro blaster like raft ride based on Archimedes creating a heat ray from the sun to destroy enemy ships. He has enhanced the technology for you to destroy ships that are trying to steal his inventions in archimedes cove. you shoot the ray at ships and get soaked at the same time...

In the side closest to the Contemporary Resort is the Greek Gardens. More Myth based. There would be a huge volcanic hot tub near where the exit is to Hephaestus's Wrath. A children's and wave pool area based on Fantasia's Pastoral Symphony.

So... that's my Imagineering for the day....
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