SDAA - Allison Lewis Picture


: Allison Caroll Lewis

Age: 16 years old

Height: 5' 7"

Race: Human/Alice in Wonderland - The titular character of the novels "Alice's adventures in Wonderland," and the sequel, "Through the Looking Glass and what Alice found there," Alice is portrayed as a quaintly logical girl, sometimes even pedantic. More modern interpretations of Alice, popularized by Disney, depict her with a knee-length blue dress and long blonde hair. She has become a go-to symbol for lost youth.

Nationality: American

Grade: 10th grade

Relatives: Keenan Charles Lewis (Knave of Hearts, older brother)

Style: Fashionably Lost Girl

Orientation: Heterosexual

Significant body markings: none of importance

Favorite Class: Choir

Favorite Teacher(s): Ms. Sybil Raidne (siren, choir teacher)

Club(s): WWHS Choir, lead vocalist of "Mad Alice"

Crush/Steady: Thadius James Pennant Godrich the 5th (Mad Hatter, boyfriend)

Unwell by Matchbox 20

Goodnight and Go by Imogen Heap

Info: Allison is one of the few students at Wormwood who has NO mythology or quirks relating to her species, unless you count one:


In her old high school, Allison was avoided like the plague, because her condition was public and scared all of the other students. In all actuality, her condition was under control, thanks to regular medication.

And one day, she forgot to take her pills, and what-do-you-know. That night, Allison followed a hallucination, a rabbit, to a warehouse, where a party was taking place. Never had her hallucinations been so vibrant and real! All manner of weird people, with weird features; a man with blue hair and wings, dancing with a woman with bat wings coming out of her head, a boy with snakes for hair, arm around a pointy-eared girl, chatting up anyone who would listen, it was all so surreal, but, everyone looked like they were having FUN. So Allison immersed herself in what she thought was an illusion.

And because it was an illusion, it couldn't hurt to perform a little. In the middle of the dance floor, during a song, Allison sang her little heart out. A beautiful song which, cheesy as it may seem, nearly brought the misfits of Wormwood to tears. For close to five minutes, the warehouse was almost dead silent, listening to her voice. Soon, everyone wanted to meet her. Embarassed by her hallucinations, ridiculous as that may seem, Allison fled the scene.

When she ran into a young man, in an oversized top hat, she knew it was getting too dangerous. She knew never to get too close to mirages, no matter how real they were. They talked and talked and talked and soon, it was time to leave. But she didn't want to.

Allison soon filled out papers to be transferred to Wormwood High.

On her first day at WWHS, Allison ran into Melina, the manananggal. Remembering her from the party, Lissy was dragged against her will to meet the rest of Team Fierce, who, oddly enough, was having tea that day with Thadius, the Mad Hatter. Lissy became a permanent member of Team Fierce after that.

Although she sometimes wanders around lost in thought, Allison is extremely aware, despite looking a little lost every now and then. Having to deal with a stupid society for most of her life, Lissy has developed a rather ingenius, if not underhanded, way of making friends. Lissy pretends to wander about aimlessly, and talks in a slow, admiring, really creepy voice, like a scary doll. She doesn't like people who are close-minded or unaccepting, so anyone who can put up with her act for at least five minutes without running away, get to meet the REAL Lissy. That's how she got to meet Reese, Goddess of Travel, and by proxy, introduce Reese to her boyfriend, Anwar.

A very talented singer, Lissy is a member of the schools' choir, and is the vocalist for her and Thads' two-person band, Mad Alice. She doesn't approve of Thads' rivalry with the schools' most popular band, Absinthe, but hey, she's still his girlfriend, despite the disapproval of his mother. Lissy has NO idea why Mrs. Godrich doesn't like her, but Lissy has a feeling it has to do with the fact that she has a distaste for the color red.

In reality, Mrs. Godrich has a long-standing, somewhat irrational feud with the Lewis family, all stemming from an incident five years prior, when Lissy's older brother, Keenan, stole lunch, a quiche, from her. Mrs. Godrich, being the ridiculous over-the-top cougar she is, still holds a grudge for that. It doesn't help that Keenan himself is constantly being a delinquent and is oddly aloof regarding right and wrong, leaving Lissy to defend him.

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