Destroyer 21 Mouse Picture

The ironically named Destroyer 21 Mouse is used as a super-heavy weapons platform. Usually deployed when an area needs to be totally leveled, but inclement terrain doesn't allow more practical platforms. These robots were inspired a mythological metal giant that would protect villages from invasion. Instead the Mouse is used for the more sinister purpose of attack. Despite what one may assume the Mouse is among the most intelligent robots created by the Hive, as it is able to carry ample computers. It's weak spot is it's heat sinks which deploy to cool the plasma cannon in It's torso. Damage to them will eventually cause the Mouse to overheat and Destroy itself.

*I really battled with whether I should upload this or not. However as I say I'd rather upload something even if it's not perfect. This is also probably my largest MOC ever, standing at around 40 centimeters tall (he's a little hard to measure as he's well above the height of most rulers) at his head. He is also a great place to store unused Rahkshi pieces, and pieces that I have too many of in general.

For a photo of it posing (which it is very good at), Flickr link below…
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