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Real Name| Arachne (ə-RAK-nee) (Greek; "Spider" | In Greek mythology, Arachne was a mortal who challenged the weaving skills of Athena. After she lost, she hanged herself, and Athena, taking pity on her, brought her back to life as a spider.)

Nicknames| Ara, Miss (called this by Inoke)


Winters| 3.5

Moon-Cycles| 42

Season| Winter (December 21st, Sagittarius)


Sex| Female

Subspecies| Eurasian (50%), Mexican (50%)

Height| 76cm

Length| 137cm

Weight| 43.5kg

Eye Color| Mild Gold

Scars| Small nick in right ear (caught on a branch when she was a pup)

Accessories| Two eagle feathers (in memory of her first hunt with her father)

Rundown| Arachne is a fairly average-sized she-wolf with a mostly cinnamon-colored pelt. Her fur is short, thick, and soft. She has strong lungs and is known for her endurance and strong forelegs. She smells like pine and freshwater.


Currently In| Sierra Pack

Born In| Taiga Pack

Formerly In| Taiga Pack, Woodland Pack

Loyalty| Sierra Pack

Marking Color| Blue

Rank| Alpha Female

Former Rank| Pup, Omega


Physical | Mental

Agility lv. 4/5

Confidence lv. 3/5

Endurance lv. 4/5

Intelligence lv. 2/5

Speed lv. 3/5

Strength lv. 2/5



Maternal | Paternal

Grandmothers| Ilalae, Lorine

Grandfathers| Orpheus, Tulaak

Mother| Adite

Father| L'ale

Aunts| Amaris, Kyine, Kyone

Uncles| Mohann, Nerou, Y'oru, Zin

Sisters| Atria, Hestia

Brothers| Adonis, Altair, Centauri, Polaris, Sirius, Unnamed, Zeus



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