K.A.S Vastrato Picture

Name: Vastrato(Young)
Factions: Rogue
Alignment: Chaotic Netraul
Kaiju Rank: Rank-4

Height: 55 meters
Length: 145 meters
Weight: 90,000 tons

Elastic: Vastrato’s body is a strangely elastic material. Bone, skin and all. While its hard and strong, Vastrato could tie himself into a knot or even stretch around and chew on his own ass if he so desired. This ability also allows Vastrato to swallow unusually big prey too.
Hard Skin: Most of Vastrato’s body is hard like simple rock. Not the best armor considering most Kaiju can break through that, but its enough to buy some edge.

Heavy: While a impressive Rank-4 Kaiju, he has the weight of a much stronger one… to say the least, while a hard blow would devastating, this weight slows him down and can lead to slow attacking, plenty of time to get out of the way or to counter.

Personality: Vastrato is a very grumpy creature, preferring to be left alone most of the time. Not exactly a violent nor at the same time friendly. Most of the time, he spends his time asleep, hunting/fishing or swimming, since he’s so heavy and prefers to be in the weightless water most of the time like some crocodile with a bipedal stature.
Indeed and in a sense, anti-social, Vastrato knows how to cooperate with any other monster if the need to be arises whether its to protect his life or his home. Vastrato is a planet loving monster, willing to put his life on the line for his mother earth at a moments notice. This unfortunately isn’t good for human kind since they have made themselves destroyers of nature in a sense…
Vastrato only tends to show any social interest toward other spinosaur related dinosaurs… that is if they can manage to get along. Most spinosaur species, judging from Kaiju anyway, tend to be very nasty tempered and cowardly. Vastrato on the other hand, is nasty tempered and lazy as he will avoid fights when possible so he can just rest and be well alone.

History: Spinosaurus and related dinosaur fossils have always been found around Africa and some parts of Europe. So no surprise came when the Earth Hollows of Africa had some species of Spinosaur Kaiju.
Vastrato was discovered farther north, however, in a much colder region. In theory, sponsors had sails to help warm up there bodies as well as serve other purposes. Vastrato did not… It was though that he spent half his life in the warmer Earth Hallows through some underwater passage way yet to be discovered.
Vastrato had a major impact on ancient time, in Greenland and other parts of the northern world where Norse Mythology had in theory taken place. Vastrato’s old world title was that of a giant serpent that could swallow a fleet of ships. Midgard Serpent, Jörmungandr. While Vastrato was no serpent, his ability to stretch into a longer body and swallow large prey like a snake, must have given the wrong impression on what he really was. When a large war happened in the area among Kaiju, Vastrato and another Kaiju named “Thor” was in part of the battle, the event was considered “Ragnarok” and end of the world… this makes Vastrato very, very old.
Today Vastrato has been sighted all over the Atlantic Ocean from north to south, indicating he is nomadic. His existence wasn’t proven until a battle took place and revealed his body on land.
Vastrato later in the years to come, would gain in power and become a more serious threatening force.


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