Magicatalia: Alice Ref Picture

Hurray, I managed to finish this one too before I have to leave. ;w; And as you can see, I changed her design... I didn't really like the first one I did.

So... more notes.
For this au, I'll be using the human name of Alice Peeters for Belgium. Here, she is about 16-17, or in her second year of high school based on the Japanese system. Since there wasn't an official high school uniform design in Madoka, I made my own and I hope it seems to fit well enough...
Alice is relatively friendly with the rest of the magical girls, in and out of battle, and especially tries to act as a mentor to the younger ones. She lives with her two brothers and is relatively well-liked among her classmates, but is close to few people.
I'm still sort of toying with what her wish should be, but I would probably place it at her wanting to stand out more. In the end, it just makes her more self-conscious over the new attention, though. Because of her wish, she can temporarily blind enemies with flashes of light. Her weapons of choice are rifles, so she mostly acts as support and fires from a long distance, but is capable of using them as clubs.
For her witch form, her name is Griet (after Dulle Griet/Mad Meg, I may change it to Beatrijs...). The design is based off of a Witte Wieven, an elven wise woman in the mythology of the Low Countries that are often seen as pranksters in folklore, with a lion's face.

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica belongs to Shaft, Hetalia and the character belongs to Himaruya, and the art is my own.
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