PU-Allan Richards-Bio Picture

Allan Richards, Bond-Mate of Shani, and Tigger, the cat that gave Shani her interest in felines.

PU-Allan Richards-Bio

Allan Richards has lived his entire life as a normal human, yet always feeling somewhat of an outsider. At the age of fifteen he made his first contact and stage one of Bonding with Shani while he was biking home rather late one evening, just in time to catch the Phaerisee’s planting her hibernation node in the stand of trees in his neighbors yard. The Phaerisee’s temporarily paralyzed him while they finished placing Shani’s pod, and connected the two telepathically for the split second necessary to create the initial Bond between them that would grow into the full Bond later. Then they erased most of his memories of the event. He does remember seeing the strange disc with the glowing lights around its perimeter floating over the neighbor’s house before passing onwards at a slow and silent pace that just barely outstripped his ability to chase it on his bicycle.

The memory of that night returned again and again over his life, but it wasn’t until 31 years later that it became more. Suddenly the parts of his memory that had been erased began to return and he found himself drawn back to the place of his encounter. There he discovered Shani’s pod and awakened her. Before Shani could fully awaken though, Allan was attacked by a monster wearing the guise of a neighbor’s pet dog. Allan’s own latent psychic powers kicked in, spurred in part by his initial contact with Shani, and the present danger. He drew the reproduction of an ancient Chinese sword and the weapon suddenly glowed with psychic power as he fought the beast hand to hand, defeating it. In death the strange beast reverted into its former guise as a normal dog.

Allan moved Shani to his car, then moved her hibernation pod as well at her insistence, stowing it in his trunk. Over the next several hours Shani explained her presence and purpose to Allan. During their initial conversation Allan’s pet cat, a female mongrel named Tigger, discovered Shani and the two quickly became friends.

Allan told Shani about his life over the thirty-odd years since they’d made first contact. He’d never quite figured out his place in the world, though he’d made many friends and enemies and acquaintances of various sorts. He’d never settled into a career, though he’d gained a wide smattering of knowledge in a variety of subjects including computer science, ancient history, mythology, and folklore, which made some of the unbelievable things Shani told him fit in ways that made a strange sense now.

A few years earlier he’d suffered an injury that had nearly cost him his life, and had cost him a fair amount of his strength and coordination. He wasn’t sure he was a good candidate for her to Bond with because of that, and his advancing age – he was after all nearing 50. Shani insisted that HE was the one she was supposed to Bond with, that she had no other choice, and neither did he really if he hoped to see the world he’d been born into survive.

In the end Allan was convinced, and the ritual of Bond-Mating was completed. Over the next several days Shani helped him learn more about his growing Psychic abilities as well as helping him learn to master his body to make him more combat-ready. Although too weak to help him, she’d watched his battle with the Alien on the night of their second contact and recognized that he had a good deal of untapped natural potential, she helped him learn to tap into it. The fact that his psychic abilities allowed him to enhance the natural properties of any object in contact with him helped as well. In his hands the old sword became a weapon of power, capable of cleaving through nearly anything. She also helped Allan learn to focus some of that power into himself until the two of them became pretty evenly matched in combat potential.

As things began to go topsy-turvy with the first invasions, the two of them made an excellent fighting team.

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DAZ studio: Hiro3

Notes: This and the previous are preliminary renders of the two main heroes I'll be using in my stories for the shared universe. I'm going to work on Combat Ready costumes for them both.
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