Uncle Krampus Picture

Now we all know the stories about Santa Claus and his magick sleigh and reindeer, and how he travels around the world once every night to deliver toys to all the good little boys and girls, but few people know the story about his old partner, Krampus.

Now according to the mythology of places like Austria and Hungary, Krampus was a demon who accompanied Santa Claus on his nightly flights, and while Santa would reward the good little children with toys and treats, Krampus would punish the bad ones. Since Christmases in Oneiroia have a far more Pagan theme than other cartoon Christmases, our reality also has a version of the Yuletide demon. In Oneiroia, our Santa did indeed once work side-by-side with Krampus to reward the good kids and punish the bad ones, but they had a falling out several centuries ago because Santa began to disapprove of Krampus's methods which just got more and more harsh every year. Just like Santa loved rewarding the good children with toys, Krampus LOVED to punish the bad ones. He loved it so much, in fact, he would spend all year dreaming up new cruel ways to punish all the naughty children. His methods just kept getting harsher and crueler, and more merciless until Santa eventually dissolved their partnership. Of course Krampus didn't appreciate being tossed aside and vowed to not only get his revenge on Santa, but completely take over his operation, and punish not just the bad kids but the good ones too.

Given that Krampus is a demon he does have a fair share of magickal powers such as the ability to teleport, hurl fireballs, leap through the air over great distances (he can cover several miles in a single bound), he's super strong, can defy gravity and run straight up walls and walk on ceilings, and of course he's immortal. He also has the power to summon little imps (called "misers") to do his bidding. Powerful as he is though; he's still no match for Santa's Christmas magick, but that doesn't stop him from constantly scheming and putting Santa in great peril from time to time. After me and the guys saved Santa from one of Krampus's nefarious schemes a few Christmases ago, he's made it a point to 'cause us bane every chance he gets. I'm apparently already on his list for my consistent barrage of non-stop mischief and sexual promiscuity.
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