Lancia Hydra Picture

Here`s another new work from me!

It shows the concept of a Lancia Hydra, a compromise of the Lancia Stratos and an imaginary lancia suv. So it shows the attitudes of both lancia stratos (aggressivity, sportility) and it´s bigger with more power and with more ground clearange.
The green colour should be a coulour mixed out of green matte and green glossy.

You should also be able to go offroad with this car, unlike the lancia stratos.

The name hydra was used because of the mythology: Hydra is a nine-headed serpent-like monster of Greek mythology. If it loses a head, grow in its place two new ones.
So the whole front part should come out of the rear part, which can be seen at the air intake behind the doors.

-> Sportive offroad vehicle (2-seater)

Hope you like it and feel free to criticize it!
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