Demigod Ally: Zeus Picture

Exciting news! I'm currently enrolled in a Classical Mythology class at my university. It's so much fun and I'm learning a lot. Anyways, it's given me the inspiration to start doing more allies for Demigod again, namely the gods of myth. And what better way to start of the production than with the king of Olympus, Zeus!

So meet the Gods of Storms, sky, and man, Zeus!

Quick bio: Zeus is the king of Gods, storms, sky, lightning, and above all else, man, and is on of the oldest living Deities in the world. Long ago, when the Titans ruled the earth, Zeus and his fellow Olympians defied and defeated them, banishing them to the Tartus. His fellow Olympians named him the successor of his father, and he became king of gods. Eventually, Zeus and his fellow Olympians would come into conflict with the Asgardians and the Heliopolians; believing that only they should be worshiped by mortals. Deciding only war could solve the conflict, Zeus, Odin, and Ra rounded up all the evils, place them in a container, and created Pandora to guard the box. War began, and the battle raged on until PAndora opened the bow and unleashed the evils back on the world. After punishing Pandora, Zeus and the other Deities came together to fix their mistake, and greated the Quest of the Demigod to make a mortal one of them in hopes that that mortal would teach them humanity. Years went by, and the quest was forgotten until the day Max Cairo solved the Quest. Zeus, Odin, and Ra welcomed Max to his new destiny, and he and the his fellow Dieties have been like a father to him. As lord of Olympus, Zeus is by far one of the most powerful gods. He can create storms of every kind, summon lightning and thunder bolts, and has years of wisdom and experience to guide his fellow Olympians. Zeus is one of the kindest and wises of his kind, and loves his many children. However, Zeus is also god of men and has a weakness for consorts and women.

-Superhuman Godlike strength, invulnerability, and immortality.
-God of sky, men, Storms, Lightning, and Thunder
-Able to channel and control bolts of electricity and thunder
-King of Olympus, wise and powerful leader
-Father of many Children, many of which are Demigods
-Able to travel back and forth between the mortal realm and Olympus.

For his look, I went with a mix of Greek and Roman attire. I know Zeus is meant to have a full bearded look, but I decided to go in a different direction. The staff is meant to be an insane thunderbolt weapon. Also, one of Zeus's icon animals was an eagle, so I thought it would be awesome if he had an eagle follow him around and symbolize his coming.

Made using Hero Creator.
Zeus is (c) of me!
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