Gacha Adopts! [Waiting list CLOSED!] Picture

:EDIT: I didn't actually think the slots would fill up so quickly, so I'm gonna slap on a waiting list, and work on 10 slots at a time. So these will stay open until I simply can't anymore. However, until I'm done with the first ten slots, I won't grab more.
If you'd like to be placed on the waiting list, either comment here or note me, and I'll let you know when the slots are free again~ C:


    ✖ Human▐ (Lolitas, Goth, Rockers, etc)
    ✖ Kemonomimi / Anthro▐ (House pets, Wild animals, Exotic animals, etc)
    ✖ Mythical / Fantasy Creatures▐ (Mermaids, Angels, Demons, Naga, Ghosts, etc)
    ✖ Misc▐ (Inanimate Object heads, Gijinkas, etc )

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