The Suffering Monk Picture

Hailing from unknown lands to the east, the Suffering Monk belongs to a sect of warrior monks who believe that suffering is the only truth and the key to true enlightenment. Inside their temples they fast, meditate and train to push their bodies and minds to the limit in order to gain a greater understanding of pain and the means to endure it.
When a monk decides to leave the temple and experience the outside world they are given solid black tattoos across their arms, shoulders and back through an excruciating ceremony, to serve as a reminder of their training and beliefs.

Another character from Progeny - seeing as it takes place in a primarily western-fantasy themed world I thought a character from the mysterious east would round things out a bit. Aleron encounters him in a "Fight Club" style brawling tournament and they travel together for a time, where they learn the meaning of friendship. Or something.
He still needs a name, something in the style of Chinese mythological heroes. Capricious Lu or Six Flaming Palms, stuff like that.
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