Domino Effect Picture

Mixed Media/Image Transfer Acrylic Painting
The planet's honeybees have not only been dying off, but disapearing from their hives altogether for the past five years. Leaving their food, honey, and unhatched young, their homes are abbandoned, not even being taken over by other invading insects. This is known as collony collapse disorder. Most would not think about a "small" issue dealing with "pests", however as time goes on, and bee population declining, the balance of nature itself could possibly collapse, causing world wide change

Domino Effect is a dooms day peice, I wanted it to portray the possible chaos and destruction. I titled it Domino Effect because in the chance the world would be doomed, the ecological failure would happen in steps, each problem growing greater than the one before it. The focal point of the painting, the dominos each represent a possible issue or problem. The human figure of the image transfer, i chose to make her represent Mother Nature. The Mother God is life, beauty, and balance, and does not nessicarliy have a physical form. In my painting however, a gave her a demonish figure in black and white. Almost ghost like, she is being blown away by her own toronado of destruction shes created. Mother Nature's essence of life, beauty and balance has been fading away, and leaving her in despaire, similer to the Goddess Demeter and her loss of her daughter Perphersophone in mythology ( see bio ) The Planets are alining because of a major planetary event taking place (mythology) and pluto is falling apart. I have a photo transfer on the left of an already dead crop, and a photo transfer on the right of a current crop, that will soon be destroyed. I have an image of a honeybee and its hive in the top right corner, that is being surrounded and protected by a flower. Mother Nature's last fight to keep her creations safe, she has a piece of the last agricultural crop ( the corn of cob ) growing up the painting and wraping around the bee because they need eachother to surive.

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