Xiki Ryujin O9222O1O Picture

Okay...my mind has been kicked into overdrive the past few days and while hopping back and forth between several things I'm working on, I have an excess of random ideas. One of which may one day become a mythological/fantasy-ish take on some of the principal ideas behind the show, Flashforward (which I believe isn't coming back for a second season). This is Xiki Ryujin (She*key) is a daughter of an islander priestess and a dragon god, effectively making her a holy demigod. Her father was recently murdered by a mysterious attacker, setting forth a chain of events that has forced the shadow thread (similar to the red thread of fate, but it connects all people, places and times instead of just couples, relatives, or friends) to become loose. As it stands now, the first loose end of it has placed all that is in danger of becoming nothingness on the last day of 2012. To prevent the end from coming prematurely, Xiki has transplanted her late father's hand to her own body and plans to use it to kill his murderer. If all works well, that portion of the shadow thread will be pulled back into place, delaying disaster for a while longer, or at least long enough to fix other loose ends.

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