My other OCs Picture

Here are the other OCs who are gonna be in my Dark Elf comic :3

Ok some info:

Name: Cassandra Erinne Marquez ("like to be known as "Cass")

Age: 20 yrs. old

Height: 5'3"

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Nationality: Fhilipino

Skin color: buff

Eye color: black rims around the eye pupils,and Dark ash grey

Hair Color: black

Position: College student,boxer,and guitarist in school

Personality: Cass is a badass girl.She would knock out anyone who tries to get in her way.She's very optimistic,caring and encourages others,especially kids.
Everytime she gets angry she usually goes to the gymnasiam,boxes on a punching bag to release it.She loves her brother Aldrich,Especially because he's gay,She accepts for everything he is.Cass is a big fan of rock music,mostly for Guns 'n' Roses,She plays in a band as a guitarist.She always has her eyes cultural things,mostly legends form the Philippines her home country,Also mythology.

Story: When Cass was a kid,She had so many wonderful memories in her home country,she loved her friends,joining a lot of talent groups,her grandfather and grandmother,Until her parents wanted to move to America,to find a better place to live in,find a good school for her,and mostly for more money since they're kinda poor.Cass had a a lot of fights with her parents about this,her brother tried his best to convinced their parents,But no hope,they had to move to America.Years went on,Cass was already 16,Her parents,brother and her lived in Manhatten,she didn't like it at all,she tried to get along with the people at her neighbourhood and school,it didn't work out much,but she did made some guy friends and a few girl friends,but she still wasn't that happy.

Abilities/Strengths: She's the most expert at kickboxing in school,and in guitar,She's also good at climbing,she knows how to make lines to shut her bullies up,she has a lot of guy friends,most of them come to her for advice of love and family issues,she's a proud single.

Weaknesses: Guys keep going after her,Scared of Reptiles,insects mostly cockroaches and bees,and rats,
Not good at swimming at all,so she's scared of water,
she has pretty low grades in her class,mostly math and science.

Likes: Animals (mostly dogs),eating,sleeping,likes making friends with guys,rock,pop,rap,R n B and jazz music,
kids,History,Mythology,Culture,miceher Brother Jeremy,chatting online,Comedy movies/series,computer and playing video games (her favorites,Gears or War,Left 4 Dead,Call Duty).

Dislikes:Rats,Girly girls,Queen Bees(like popular bitch girls and gossipers),having to deal with people who mess with her,Her parents always thinking about money,
War,rain,and Winter.


Name: Aldrich Mattheus Marquez

Age: 21 yrs. old

Height: 5'6"

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay

Nationality: Fhilipino

Skin color: Tan

Eye color: black rims around the eye pupils,and Dark brown

Hair Color: very dark brown

Position: College student,Interior and fashion designer in school

Personality: Aldrich is a very energetic and kinda flirty,He is a very fashionable person,caring,optimistic,and loves kids.He is a very good cook,and baker.,he cooks italian food for his family,and also bakes desserts mostly muffins and small cakes.Even so Aldrich is gay,He is very open about it,he doesn't give a damn what people think about him,and he's very open-minded,honest and trustworthy.His parents loved him very much since how succassful he is,He's happy to hear that,but not very jumpy about it,Their parents love Aldrich more than Cass,Aldrich loves his sister way more than anything else in the world,and he would do anything to help her.Aldrich is a patient person,it's not that easy to break him.

Story: When Aldrich was a kid,He knew himself he wasd gay,he couldn't open it up anyone,especially his parents and sister.He was a very depressing person,He slit himself a few times,always quiet,and gets furious easily.
I had been bullied in school all the time.When His Parents,Cass and him moved to America,Manhatten,He decided that he'll start a new life,He tried his best to turn straight,he dresses up more guy-like,though it makes him uncomfortable,he got advice from a few guys at school,he started flirting with girls,cheating on them a few times,But he wasn't happy at all.He never knew that Cass knew he was gay,He cried so hard,Cass gave him a tight hug,and said that would accept him for everything he is,it made him felt so much better,He opened up to his parents,they loved him more,He opened up to his guys friends,they have treated him like a brother to them,he opened up to his teachers and class,they're like his second family,He had turned in to this happy,energetic,open person who has been trying to get into his heart,to realize that needs to stay away from that closet.

Abilities: He cooks,He's very good at swimming,very good with kids,the most popular fashion designer in his school,very good in science,can't get him anggry.

Weakness: very scared of heights,not good at climbing,his clothes getting dirty,seeing messy places that he couldn't help but clean it up,horror movies,kids getting hurt,seeing her Leeia feeling down.

Likes: cooking for his family,eating,Designing,Art crafts,Jazz,Pop,R n B,Techno (Lady Gaga,Katy Perry and Owl City are is very favorite,and others),shopping,converse,soft,tiny things,snuggies,Summer,Reading,volunteering,styling his clothes,Leeia,his parents,Family bonding,Spring,Summer,Winter chatting online and animals.

Dislikes: Insects,reptiles,rain,dirt,crowded places,
missplacing stuff,Racism,Kids turning into rebels,heights,roller coasters,skydiving,Queen bees,show-offs,his hair being all messy.

Anything I need to improve,do tell me X3

Ok Enjoy!~

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