Ambrosia Drink Packaging Picture

Download Size: 4200 x 5400

This semester, I finally was able to test my skills with packaging. Although this is the first packaging assignment
I've ever had and it's by no means perfect, I am incredibly satisfied with how professional it looks as a whole.

This project challenged us to not only create a brand but also to design a packaging system for that brand that
spanned across three or more items. We were granted substantial creative freedom when it came to what the
system would be for, so I elected to design packaging for a brand of drink. Most of the class did food or drink.

Initially, I had resolved to design packaging for flavored vodka, but of course that was shot down because it
did not fit the lifestyle guidelines of my Christian university (I'm not bitter at all, no). I'll be sure to upload the
sketches I drew up at the outset so you can see all of my concept for vodka labels. In the end, it may have
been better to switch over to sparkling juices considering how feminine and friendly my packaging became.

The general aesthetic was wholly shaped by the fact that the juices were gourmet, which demanded a more
elegant approach to design. I went further in my research in order to reinforce the fact that this was a truly
sophisticated brand. Indeed, the name Ambrosia refers to the nectar consumed by the gods in Greek and
Roman mythology, while the fleur-de-lis motif in the logo is historically associated with the French monarchy.
Both of these elements carry with them a certain amount of prestige, which is heightened when combined
with the atypical and luxurious flavors of acai berry, pomegranate, starfruit, and asian pear (in the box).

After designing the labels in Illustrator, I had them printed on sticker paper, which was genius and idiotic at
the same time. Because I'm poor and can't afford custom die-cuts, I hate to hand-cut all of the labels out with
scissors. Cutting everything out took hours upon hours and my joints hurt for days. When it came to pasting
them on the bottles (which are wine bottles that have been spray painted brown, in case you were curious),
they went on just fine but threw a fit whenever you tried to reposition them. I ended up accidentally ripping
one of the labels in half while trying to move it, so I had to cut out another one from my stack of extra copies.

Because of how sticky the labels ended up being, there are a few bottles with little oopses on them. Of the
four, the worst one is the green bottle, hence why I've turned it around, lol. The best of all the bottles is the
pink one and I've naturally placed it front and center. One of the awful things I had to deal with was the fact
that the spray paint sweated inside the case I was carrying it in and part of the paint came off. The only way
I was able to fix it was to meticulously tape printer paper over my labels and spray paint the damaged areas.

I could go on with the time and energy this project took me, but I won't waste your time, haha. Just know that
a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into this thing (not to mention money) and I'm so glad that it's finished.

Designed in Illustrator CS5. Completed November 25, 2012. Photographs taken December 1, 2012 (bottom) and April 16, 2013 (top).

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