Derras Alli Map, v.1 Picture

Full view pleeaaaase! It is rather large...

This is Torrath's homeland, which I've been pondering for many years now: Derras Allí (pronounced DEH-rus All-eye).

I thought, "hey, I don't have a decent map of the place, and I need one!" So here it be. There is a lack of "stuff" on the map because I haven't developed everything yet. However, I did list where certain races reside.

The Menyain dragonfolk, Torrath's people, are in the smaller mountain range to the east.

The Fireplains are not deserts, though it IS the hottest area on Derras Allí. They are grasslands where the soil is rich red and the plants tend to grow in bright reds, oranges, and yellows as a result.

Silverbough is a mountainy forest area, home to the Silverbough elves, pixies, dryads, etc. Their home is one of the first areas to be destroyed when the disease comes (ooh, what disease? Dun dun dun!).

The Til'y'nir are a very reclusive race. They are felines who have learned to walk upright... they have basically evolved from being standard cats, or perhaps influenced by magic somehow, I really haven't set all the details on them yet. I do know that they prefer to live in the high mountains and have developed a tribalistic culture.

The Nevi Isles are home to the bird folk, or "feathered men." Most look like humans with lots of feathers, even wings instead of arms in some cases.

The Sundered Coast is the portion of Derras Allí that used to be connected to the Northern Continent of Kor. Some nasty stuff happened and the massive continent was ripped apart, leaving humans to the north and all magical beasts to the south (yes, they all segregated themselves on purpose). As such, no human has set foot on Derras Allí in hundreds and hundreds of years. Human scholars have even gone through great lengths to remove all proof of Derras Allí from their records, and nowadays the general populace usually agrees that the so-called "southern continent" is merely a myth.

Silly humans.

Basically all the races have isolated themselves to their own areas. There are others that will be added, possibly centaurs, merfolk, and a more hostile race of dragons. The Menyain are extremely peaceful.

Oh yeah, and the Thunder Sea is pretty much self-explanatory, I think. Its center is a storm that never moves or dissipates, but often sends thunderstorms swirling inland to moisten the continent. No one knows what's at its center, as no one has ever been stupid enough to try and enter it.

I still need names for most things. The rivers, lakes, individual forest areas and whatever else you can think of. So if anyone wants to toss out ideas, or even come up with bits of mythology for this fictional place, feel free! That will help me out a lot, actually. ^_~

All this is (c) Erin Love... like you'd want to steal it anyway. >_>
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