Old Bones- Ushabti Picture

The 2nd of a series of illustrations based around ancient mythologies regarding the undead. Rather than just be boring and call this piece Mummy, I named it after the small figurines that were buried with the dead in their tombs. They were supposed to act as substitute bodies for the deceased during the afterlife. The design itself is based around the death masks placed on the deceased for their burial ceremony.

The linework was done using the photoshop pen tool and then taken into Illustrator to be turned into a vector via livetrace and livepaint. Afterwards it was back into photoshop to overlay a paper texture I scanned.

This design is available as a print over on my Red Bubble page, so go check it out if you fancy: www.redbubble.com/people/redti…

You can see the other works from the series below-

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