Northern Light : Nanna Picture

* The Brave, Goddess of Blossom, Daughter of the Aesir, Wife of Baldr, Mother of Forseti...

When Baldr was unintentionally slain by his blind brother Hoor through the treachery of Loki, she was overcome with grief. The Aesir where preparing the funeral pyre for Baldr on his mighty ship Hringhorni. Watching all this, she made the decision to stay on the side of her beloved husband and follow him even through death. So she put on the dress she wore when she first met Baldr, gave her blossoms to the nine worlds for a last time and left Asgard forever and died. The Aesir placed her body alongside of Baldr`s together with magic gifts and launched the burning ship.
Later, when Hermod set out on his quest to bring Baldr back from the underworld and entered the Hall of Hel, he saw Baldr there in the seat of honour alongside Nanna, who sent back with Hermod gifts for the other gods, including a robe for Frigg and a ring for Fulla, both filled with the magic of all the love a woman can give.

** Thank you all for enjoying this series so far.
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