Daughters of Astraya Picture

The Chronicles of Rayn
Sanurian Mythology
The Creation of the Daughters of Astraya

The moon goddess Astraya plucked from her gown eight stars and folded them into the velvety darkness of night. From these stars grew a grand glittering tree whose branches twisted and snacked upwards. As the tree of life faded to a deep brown in the place of its former brilliance were eight Sanu-katyal, the daughters of Astraya. Their fur grew soft and shiny but their eyes retained the sparkling brilliance of the stars. For generations to come till time stood still, their descendants retained their lamp like eyes to forever shine as stars in the velvety cover of night. As the Suna-katyal looked about their new home the leaves on the tree fluttered down and became the Lunafly.

This was the piece i did for my illustration 1 final this summer. originally all the suna-katyal (the cats) were the the color of the whitish one in the front but my teacher made me change it. Dididn't matter that in my stories they were all one color for a reason... anyways expect more Chronicles of rayn stuff in the future since its a project i have been working on among others for the last 3 1/2 years. I really like the meduim i used and thing i will comtinue to use it for personal peices in the future.The background is not digitally added in I actually painted that and no i did no use coffee...

Medium:diluted Gouache, watercolor pencils, sponges, glitter gel pens and a tooth brush on Cold press Bainbridge illustration board
Size: 10x15 with 1/4 in. bleed trim
Class: Illustration 1
Project: final
Completed: Aug. ‘06

© 2006 Alicia Ravenswood - All Rights Reserved - All images are mine so if you copy or use them without my permission I will send my minions of kitties after you
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