Twenty-Five Picture

Sometime during high school, I started writing and illustrating my own little sort of mythology. Maya was the mother goddess, and all of the universe was born from her womb, and there were many gods, goddesses, and spirits having to do with different parts of our world. Digging through some of my old sketches, I stumbled upon this particular sketch, and a short story type thing that went along with it.

The sun and the moon were once lovers. When the Earth was created, they spent every waking moment together, and wherever they went, they were surrounded by the most brilliant light. Life bloomed all around them, and the animals adored them.

But there was inequity. On any stretch of land that the sun and moon didn't occupy, the animals would do nothing but sleep, and the plants received no light. Soon, all of Maya's creations began to die, save for those touched by the couple's light.

Maya had no choice but to separate the two. She ordered that they each walk all the way around the Earth, on opposite sides, so that every part of the world would receive equal amounts of sunlight and moonlight, and no place above ground should ever remain in darkness.

Now the lovers may be together for only a few minutes at dawn and dusk, and for a while more every 18 years, during a time that we now know as a solar eclipse.

Can I just say that trees have to be the biggest pains in the ass to paint? That said, learning to paint the texture of the bark was really a lot of fun.

Can I also say that deviantART sucks and always manages to make my things look less bright than they were in photoshop?

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