Idunn, Sigyn, and Gerdr Picture

So yeah, here are a few ladies of Norse mythology. Idunn-goddess of youth, Sigyn-wife of Loki, and Gerdr-wife of Freyr. I decided to play around with these ladies on the good old Goddess maker. Can't say I have much for personalities in my stories yet for Idunn and Gerdr, though I did have some idea of the type of feel I wanted to give them. Idunn is preciously youthful and innocent and sweet. And Gerdr is gorgeous and more than a little stubborn, and knows how to get what she wants.
Sigyn, however, is much more well-defined in my mind. Don't let the demure expression fool you. She's actually quite mischievous like her husband, she's just better at hiding it. The more I thought about her and Loki, the more I realized that if she were a shrinking shy violet, he would have been utterly bored with her. So I made her personality a little different from how she's typically portrayed. Like her husband, she enjoys a good practical joke, it's kinda what brought them together in the first place. She's beautiful, subtly playful, and an utter tease. And Loki loves every little bit of her. Pictured here, however, she's probably playing timid and innocent so no one will suspect it was her and how dare they accuse of her perpetrating it they should be ashamed of themselves. xD

Made using Azalea's Dolls Goddess…
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