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Aurgelmir Ymir


Aurgelmir Ymir is an ice Titan that was once worshiped in ancient times. He was primarily worshiped on worlds where temperatures are often freezing. On other worlds, he was often worshiped in northern regions. He was particularly worshiped mostly by races that either were well adapted to the extreme cold or could stand it very well. Races that worshiped him also either had a viking mindset or something similar to it.

Among his accomplishments, Ymir is said to have founded several civilizations in various barren frozen wastelands across many worlds. He is said to have to taught many mortals how to survive freezing temperatures and how to create self sustaining colonies in the harshest of ice regions. Ymir is also the father of the Frost Giant race, having sired a good number of them. Due to this, he is still worshiped by them despite his leaving after the Titanomachy.

While Ymir is somewhat barbaric in nature, he however has a soft side. He in particular, favors a type of dragon that comes from Venus. As a result, the dragon was named in his honor. For many millenia when he was still in rule, these dragons were often found in the various places he was worshiped at. When he decided to leave, he took all his pets except those left in Venus with him.


*Based on Ymir from Norse Mythology [link]
*The Ymirian Dragon in Ymir's hand is a full grown one.
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