Mythical Loki : Family Picture

Yup, for once not Hetalia stuff!
But for the manga that made me enter the nordic mythology's world!

I dipped back into the manga Matantei Loki, or Mythical Detective Loki if you prefer, and I really wanted to do a picture of a loving family!
Because what I found wonderfull in this manga is the place of family in it!

Specially when i first discover about Jormungand (the snake, don't add anything about him because I don't want to spoil the fun!^^), I became fond of MDL!!

..And I really love families if you noticed, I always dreamed of Loki with his children (They are not all in the manga.....but I kinda would have laugh if Sleipnir and ....well it's not her wife but well!
Family cuddle's are so cute!!!

Anime/manga: Matantei loki/Mythical Detective Loki (an anime about nordic mythology and supernatural detective...I know it's weird but it's so good!!)
Would add that the anime is COMPLETELY different to the manga, in the way that I found the anime too much censored, too much childish compared to the manga.
Even some characters have changes in their personallity, no kidding! How can they even do that?! Japan why?

Loki : trickster god of mischief and fire.
Spica/Angrboda: A giant (In the nordics mythology, a giant is not like our usual believing, on the size I mean!) had an "affair" with him I suppose (since Loki's wife is Sigyn) and gave him his 3 children here.
Jormungand: Giant sea snake that is said to surround the Earth, the younger of the third children.
Fenrir: Giant wolf , The big bro!
Hel: Goddess of the dead, I believe in the manga she is the oldest of them all.

Want also to details that this scene take place in the past, that's why I draw Jormungand as a baby, Fenrir not much older too and in a wolf apparance, and Hel around 10 year-old I guess!
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