AU: Ingri Torvik Picture

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First Name: Ingri

Last Name: Torvik
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hometown: Andalsnes, Norway
Nationality: Norwegian
Height: 6''0'
Orientation: N/A
Status: Single

College: Lambda
Grade: Freshman
Degree: Summoning & Shapeshifting Arts
✓ Attentive, Loyal, Passionate, Strong, Independent, Kind Hearted, Free Spirited
✗ Sarcastic, Distant, Irritable, Over Protective, Aggressive, Forgetful, Stubborn

History: Ingri was the youngest of four children, and the only daughter of her family. She grew up in a rural area and quickly learned how to fend for herself, being taught how to hunt and survive in the wilderness by her father, mother and older brothers. Ingri had always been close to nature throughout her childhood and holds a great deal of respect for it, she'd much rather be outside exploring then trapped indoors studying so she tends to procrastinate when it comes to work or responsibilities. Shes a free spirit and doesn't usually take things very seriously, her quick wit and sarcastic attitude may make her seem unapproachable but she has a gentle heart and cares very deeply for those close to her. She was raised in a harsh environment so she knows how to fend for herself though she sometimes forgets how to behave in a civilized setting.
Her abilities first started to appear when she hit puberty, subtle at first but over time they became difficult to control, her body and face changing against her will whenever she felt strong emotions, because of that she became fairly withdrawn and hard to interact with. Despite that though both her parents were very proud, since all the women of her family going back generations had been powerful and gifted in the magic arts. Ingri wasn't too fond of the idea though, since it made it challenging for her to make friends with normal people. A few years later her mother grew terribly ill, they tried everything they could to save her but it was no use, and not long after she passed away, leaving Ingri with a feeling of guilt and loneliness that would never be fully healed. When she finally reached adulthood she was glad to find out she would be attending the university for the next few years, hoping it would be easier to get along with people more like herself.

Wilderness, Animals, Herbs + Flowers, Fantasy Books, Physical Activities, Hunting, Antique Weapons, Charms, Mythology, Horror movies, Large Meals

Long hours indoors, Studying, Egotistical People, Being Bored, Large Cities, Feeling Caged Up, Routine, Being Bossed Around

Additional Info:
- Though shes hard to approach she's actually very easy to talk to
- She doesn't mind being mistaken for a boy but it get's tiresome after a while
- Ingri has a large tattoo on her back but often keeps it hidden
- She keeps with her a bag of runes that belonged to her mother.
- She has anisocoria, but it's only noticeable in bright light when her pupil dilates, it was the result of an eye injury she got after a fight a few years back
- Ingri has a good singing voice but rarely lets anyone hear it
- She has a soft spot for cute things
- She knows how to kill and skin animals so don't mess with her

Rp Sample: Ingri looked up at the school with a hapless expression, so this was it huh? She'd traveled pretty far from home to attend such a college and she had no means to turn back now, but already she was beginning to feel a bit anxious though you couldn't tell by looking at her. The girl kept her usual calm expression and took a short breath, gathering her things to her side and making her way to the large entrance of the building. The halls weren't as crowded as she had expected either but then again she honestly didn't know what to expect, at this point all she cared about was finding her dorm room. Ingri had always been good at navigating her way around places so at least that part would be easy, it was the classes and other students that were in her thoughts now. She was only a freshman and her powers were still a bit.. unstable.. so she wondered how that would affect her ability to make friends, she didn't want to worry too much about it since they were all magic users like herself so maybe they'd all be a bit more understanding. She had known a few others like them back home, but they're magic had always been elegant and beautiful, the way people could control elements or heal the sick had fascinated her, but then again she was never a very elegant person to begin with so it was appropriate to say the least. Animals that talked back to you made them only more difficult to hunt.

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